When you Buy Conditioner Instead of Getting Shampoo?

This literally happened to me 🙂 . Yes, you’re looking at the exact bottle I bought thinking I was getting shampoo but to my surprise nope, it’s another conditioner to add! Here’s the catch…….I used it let’s say two times before I noticed I was conditioning my hair over and over and over again!!

Many times in life you have so much going on that you don’t get a second to think! Between the job, the kids and household affairs, if you get to think about what you want to wear tomorrow before plummeting roughly into your bed, you do me a favor and count that as some quality self care…Winning!

Nobody said life was going to be easy but neither did they say it would be this…hmmm….interesting? Never a dull moment in the adult world but don’t get me wrong, this is not me complaining……just stating facts with a twist.

In life we could learn to look at situations from a different perspective. I could of let this small error ruin my shower and possibly the rest of my week but instead I laughed. What is the point in giving so much energy to a situation that is non reversible. I mean I already used it twice and my hair blow dried beautifully. Yea it only lasted a day but what the hell, I was feeing fabuuuloouus!!!

Now I understand, you’re over there thinking “well umm Lexi, you’re still out of shampoo, how is that great?” Um because it is. I get to go back to the store and this time take a deep breath, acknowledge where and how I messed up last time and do what I gotta do to get it right. In deciding to use my energy towards making sure I don’t fuck it up this time, I take my power back giving me an opportunity for a successful result.

The first time I walked in the store I had a lot on my mind and tried doing too much at once leading to a fail due to non focus. Not that day but the day I realized I bought the wrong solution, I also realized I wasn’t focused and when I’m not focused I am anxious and when I am anxious I am not grounded and in order to get grounded I must take that second and BREATHE.

Breath work is essential to our day to day lives especially today. We are so quick on the go with a schedule of unlimited goals that every now and then you must take a minute to check in, to reflect and let go. Allow yourself to experience the feeling of failure but always remember, the steps you take forward are more important than any steps you took back. We all commit errors but instead of calling them that, why not spend more time looking at the endless opportunities you have to create a happier situation next. You hold that power within you……I promise!

If you need help with learning how to take a good breath start a convo I got your back.

Day 2

Love, Lexii

Let’s Begin

#1 Let’s begin by making a promise. A promise to be as consistent as we possibly can.

I promise to post at least once weekly no matter the day, the time or place.

(your turn)

#2 Now let’s make another promise. A promise not to judge ourselves freely, instead congratulate ourselves for even the smallest actions or improvements.

I’m proud of myself for creating a blog and posting my first block within 2 days.

(your turn)

#3 Let’s make just one last promise (as you get to know me you’ll learn that things usually always come in3’s) This one is special though, I promise. Let’s make a promise to be to TRUE. To be to be true and honest with yourself daily no matter what….Love yourself constantly and be and inspiration for yourself so that you too can inspire others. Your healing comes from within…..ready to take this journey?

Day 1

Love, Lexii